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  • Broughton, Mark (2005-04-22)
    British film adaptations of novels and plays set in country estates frequently carry a much greater emphasis on landscape gardens than their source texts. This interpolation of landscape seems, therefore, to be intrinsic ...
  • Broughton, Mark (2006-06-15)
    The Stone Tape (BBC, 1972) concerns a group of scientists who have assembled in a country house, in order to devise new recording technologies. After their programmer Jill seems to have experienced a ghost, the team discovers ...
  • Broughton, Mark (2007-07-04)
    English fiction films in the early 1970s developed new modes of deploying country house locations, whereby the architecture and history of an estate became intrinsic to narrative. At the same time, the new approaches to ...
  • Broughton, Mark (Intellect, 2010)
    This essay offers an analysis of the way landscape garden locations are deployed in the film The Ruling Class (Peter Medak, 1972). It situates the film in relation to a turning point in screen landscapes, comparing it to ...

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