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  • Cantat-Gaudin, T.; Vallenari, A.; Zaggia, S.; Bragaglia, A.; Sordo, R.; Drew, J.E.; Eisloeffel, J.; Farnhill, H. J.; Gonzalez-Solares, E.; Greimel, R.; Irwin, M. J.; Kupcu-Yoldas, A.; Jordi, C.; Blomme, R.; Sampedro, L.; Costado, M. T.; Alfaro, E.; Smiljanic, R.; Magrini, L.; Donati, P.; Friel, E. D.; Jacobson, H.; Abbas, U.; Hatzidimitriou, D.; Spagna, A.; Vecchiato, A.; Balaguer-Nunez, L.; Lardo, C.; Tosi, M.; Pancino, E.; Klutsch, A.; Tautvaisiene, G.; Drazdauskas, A.; Puzeras, E.; Jiménez-Esteban, F.; Maiorca, E.; Geisler, D.; San Roman, I.; Villanova, S.; Gilmore, G.; Randich, S.; Bensby, T.; Flaccomio, E.; Lanzafame, A.; Recio-Blanco, A.; Damiani, F.; Hourihane, A.; Jofré, P.; De Laverny, P.; Masseron, T.; Morbidelli, L.; Prisinzano, L.; Sacco, G. G.; Sbordone, L.; Worley, C. C. (2014-09)
    Context. Chemically inhomogeneous populations are observed in most globular clusters, but not in open clusters. Cluster mass seems to play a key role in the existence of multiple populations. Aims. Studying the chemical ...
  • Smart, R.L.; Tinney, C.G.; Bucciarelli, B.; Marocco, F.; Abbas, U.; Andrei, A.; Bernardi, G.; Burningham, B.; Cardoso, C.; Costa, E.; Crosta, M.T.; Dapra, M.; Day-Jones, A.; Goldman, B.; Jones, H.R.A.; Lattanzi, M.G.; Leggett, S.K.; Lucas, P.W.; Mendez, R.; Penna, J.L.; Pinfield, D.J.; Smith, Leigh; Sozzetti, A.; Vecchiato, A. (2013-08)
    The discovery and subsequent detailed study of T dwarfs have provided many surprises and pushed the physics and modelling of cool atmospheres in unpredicted directions. Distance is a critical parameter for studies of these ...

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