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  • Celis-Morales, Carlos; Livingstone, Katherine M; Marsaux, Cyril F M; Macready, Anna L; Fallaize, Rosalind; O'Donovan, Clare B; Woolhead, Clara; Forster, Hannah; Walsh, Marianne C; Navas-Carretero, Santiago; San-Cristobal, Rodrigo; Tsirigoti, Lydia; Lambrinou, Christina P; Mavrogianni, Christina; Moschonis, George; Kolossa, Silvia; Hallmann, Jacqueline; Godlewska, Magdalena; Surwiłło, Agnieszka; Traczyk, Iwona; Drevon, Christian A; Bouwman, Jildau; van Ommen, Ben; Grimaldi, Keith; Parnell, Laurence D; Matthews, John N S; Manios, Yannis; Daniel, Hannelore; Martinez, J Alfredo; Lovegrove, Julie A; Gibney, Eileen R; Brennan, Lorraine; Saris, Wim H M; Gibney, Mike; Mathers, John C; Food4Me Study (2017-04-01)
    BACKGROUND: Optimal nutritional choices are linked with better health, but many current interventions to improve diet have limited effect. We tested the hypothesis that providing personalized nutrition (PN) advice based ...
  • Madden, Angela; Mulrooney, Hilda M.; Shah, Selina (2016-08-01)
    Background: Estimates of energy requirements are needed in weight management and are usually determined using prediction equations. The objective of these two systematic reviews was to identify which equations based on ...
  • Magnusson, Josefine Elisabet (2016-10-06)
    Introduction In the last 20 years, compared to other European countries, England has shown the steepest rise in, and now has the highest rates of, obesity in Europe. The rise in childhood obesity has been of particular ...
  • Scott, Patricia (2017-03-10)
    The disturbing fact that more than 1.9 billion adults across the world are overweight was revealed in the Global Burden of Disease Study in 2013. The study classes more than 600 million of these people as obese, representing ...

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