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  • Gazzard, Alison (2010-12)
    The warp device is commonly applied as a design feature within videogames. It allows the player's avatar to be transported through the gameworld changing the relationship with the gamespace. Moving the avatar through the ...
  • Gazzard, Alison (ACM Press, 2008)
    In the way that stories are constructed the screen space of film and of computer games are related but not identical. Games do not simply replicate cinematographic use of space or movement to construct the many interwoven ...
  • Gazzard, A. (2010-08-25)
    This thesis contributes to the field of academic game studies by reworking and updating the established theories of Espen Aarseth, Janet Murray and Marie-Laure Ryan in understanding the path in videogames. It also draws ...
  • Gazzard, Alison (Digital Games Research Association, 2009)
    The warp is a device that reframes notions of time and space. It is a common cultural artefact, one that audiences have come to recognise and believe in through various media. We accept the bed in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, ...

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