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The MALATANG Survey : the L_gas-L_IR correlation on sub-kiloparsec scale in six nearby star-forming galaxies as traced by HCN J=4-3 and HCO^+ J=4-3

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contributor authorTan, Qing-Hua
contributor authorGao, Yu
contributor authorZhang, Zhi-Yu
contributor authorGreve, Thomas R.
contributor authorJiang, Xue-Jian
contributor authorWilson, Christine D.
contributor authorYang, Chen-Tao
contributor authorBemis, Ashley
contributor authorChung, Aeree
contributor authorMatsushita, Satoki
contributor authorShi, Yong
contributor authorAo, Yi-Ping
contributor authorBrinks, Elias
contributor authorCurrie, Malcolm J.
contributor authorDavis, Timothy A.
contributor authorGrijs, Richard de
contributor authorHo, Luis C.
contributor authorImanishi, Masatoshi
contributor authorKohno, Kotaro
contributor authorLee, Bumhyun
contributor authorParsons, Harriet
contributor authorRawlings, Mark G.
contributor authorRigopoulou, Dimitra
contributor authorRosolowsky, Erik
contributor authorBulger, Joanna
contributor authorChen, Hao
contributor authorChapman, Scott C.
contributor authorEden, David
contributor authorGear, Walter K.
contributor authorGu, Qiu-Sheng
contributor authorHe, Jin-Hua
contributor authorJiao, Qian
contributor authorLiu, Dai-Zhong
contributor authorLiu, Li-Jie
contributor authorLi, Xiao-Hu
contributor authorMichalowski, Michal J.
contributor authorNguyen-Luong, Quang
contributor authorQiu, Jian-Jie
contributor authorSmith, Matthew W. L.
contributor authorViolino, Giulio
contributor authorWang, Jian-Fa
contributor authorWang, Jun-Feng
contributor authorWang, Jun-Zhi
contributor authorYeh, Sherry
contributor authorZhao, Ying-He
contributor authorZhu, Ming
date accessioned2018-07-05T16:03:59Z
date available2018-07-05T16:03:59Z
date issued2018-06-25
identifier citationTan , Q-H , Gao , Y , Zhang , Z-Y , Greve , T R , Jiang , X-J , Wilson , C D , Yang , C-T , Bemis , A , Chung , A , Matsushita , S , Shi , Y , Ao , Y-P , Brinks , E , Currie , M J , Davis , T A , Grijs , R D , Ho , L C , Imanishi , M , Kohno , K , Lee , B , Parsons , H , Rawlings , M G , Rigopoulou , D , Rosolowsky , E , Bulger , J , Chen , H , Chapman , S C , Eden , D , Gear , W K , Gu , Q-S , He , J-H , Jiao , Q , Liu , D-Z , Liu , L-J , Li , X-H , Michalowski , M J , Nguyen-Luong , Q , Qiu , J-J , Smith , M W L , Violino , G , Wang , J-F , Wang , J-F , Wang , J-Z , Yeh , S , Zhao , Y-H & Zhu , M 2018 , ' The MALATANG Survey : the L_gas-L_IR correlation on sub-kiloparsec scale in six nearby star-forming galaxies as traced by HCN J=4-3 and HCO^+ J=4-3 ' The Astrophysical Journal , vol 860 , no. 2 , 165 . DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/aac512en
identifier issn0004-637X
identifier otherPURE: 13867922
identifier otherPURE UUID: 41360e06-6613-4733-909b-7f0fa8d65bfb
identifier otherArXiv:
identifier uri
descriptionThis is an author-created, un-copyedited version of an article published in The Astrophysical Journal. The Version of Record is available online at
description abstractWe present HCN J=4-3 and HCO^+ J=4-3 maps of six nearby star-forming galaxies, NGC 253, NGC 1068, IC 342, M82, M83, and NGC 6946, obtained with the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope as part of the MALATANG survey. All galaxies were mapped in the central 2 arcmin $\times$ 2 arcmin region at 14 arcsec (FWHM) resolution (corresponding to linear scales of ~ 0.2-1.0 kpc). The L_IR-L'_dense relation, where the dense gas is traced by the HCN J=4-3 and the HCO^+ J=4-3 emission, measured in our sample of spatially-resolved galaxies is found to follow the linear correlation established globally in galaxies within the scatter. We find that the luminosity ratio, L_IR/L'_dense, shows systematic variations with L_IR within individual spatially resolved galaxies, whereas the galaxy-integrated ratios vary little. A rising trend is also found between L_IR/L'_dense ratio and the warm-dust temperature gauged by the 70 \mu m/100 \mu m flux ratio. We find the luminosity ratios of IR/HCN(4-3) and IR/HCO^+(4-3), which can be taken as a proxy for the efficiency of star formation in the dense molecular gas (SFE_dense), appears to be nearly independent of the dense-gas fraction (f_dense) for our sample of galaxies. The SFE of the total molecular gas (SFE_mol) is found to increase substantially with f_dense when combining our data with that on local (ultra)luminous infrared galaxies and high-z quasars. The mean L'_HCN(4-3)/L'_HCO^+(4-3) line ratio measured for the six targeted galaxies is 0.9+/-0.6. No significant correlation is found for the L'_HCN(4-3)/L'_HCO^+(4-3) ratio with the SFR as traced by L_IR, nor with the warm-dust temperature, for the different populations of galaxies.en
language isoeng
relation ispartofThe Astrophysical Journalen
subjectgalaxies: ISMen
subjectgalaxies: star formationen
subjectinfrared: galaxiesen
subjectISM: moleculesen
subjectradio lines: galaxiesen
titleThe MALATANG Survey : the L_gas-L_IR correlation on sub-kiloparsec scale in six nearby star-forming galaxies as traced by HCN J=4-3 and HCO^+ J=4-3en
contributor institutionSchool of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematicsen
contributor institutionCentre for Astrophysics Researchen
identifier doi
description versionauthorsversionen
description statusPeer revieweden

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